Enjoy Cheap Vaping by Refilling Your Empty Pods With Jewel Mint

When it comes to cheap vaping, you’re always better off buying your own juice. Pre-filled pods cost an arm and a leg, they’re constantly out of stock, and your flavor options are seriously limited. Our refillable pods and bulk juice make it easy for you to use your preferred nicotine salts in reusable pods. Save some cash and enjoy some incredible flavors.

The Price Is Nice

The most obvious reason to switch over to Blankz is strictly business — these Juul compatible refillable pods are way cheaper! A pack of pre-filled pods can cost $30+, and that’s if you’re one of the fortunate few to catch them before they’re sold out.

Part of cheap vaping is recognizing when supply and demand are working against you. Don’t be the one paying inflated prices just because products are hard to find! It’s so easy to end up paying for the brand name, even when there are better products out there.

Blankz Pods can be refilled 2-3 times before you toss them. Buying a pack of four Blankz is like buying a pack of 8-12 traditional pods! Besides being refillable, Blankz cost half the price of disposable pods. That’s some serious bang for your buck.

Savor the Flavor

Woman vaping in the forest

If you’re tired of tobacco and menthol being your only flavor options, you’re not alone. Many vapers have started ordering other flavors from overseas just to escape the monotony. With USA-made juice available in dozens of unique flavors, we make cheap vaping delicious and convenient.

In addition to our mouthwatering fruity and sweet flavors, Our Jewel Edition salt nicotine juices boast some of the coolest menthol flavors on this side of the North Pole. We proudly offer three uniquely brisk, crisp, and frigid-to-the-core Jewel Mint varieties:

Jewel Mint: The masterpiece that started it all. It has a spine-tingling chilling effect with just a touch of sweetness to tie it all together.

Jewel Mint Sapphire: This is flavor-boosted minty madness! Ideal for former menthol smokers or anyone who appreciates an arctic blast in a bottle, this is classic Jewel Mint turned up to 11.

Jewel Mint Diamond: This is a robust mint flavor without the sweetness. It’s smooth and satisfying, perfect for cheap vaping all day long.

Can’t choose? Save even more money when you purchase a sample pack of all three Pod Juice Jewel Mint varieties available!

Diversify Your Vape

These low-wattage and Juul compatible refillable pods just make life easier. Keep a couple Blankz filled with different flavors so you can just change them out to fit your mood. No hassle. No fuss. We also have some great hardware deals if you need to restock. Want to know more about any of our products? Feel free to contact us anytime. Try our Blankz and nicotine salts together for a cheap vaping experience like no other!