Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Vape Juice Flavors

Mixing vape juice to create your very own blends is one of the top advantages of buying your e-juice by the bottle — the possibilities for combining DIY vape juice flavors really are endless! Create masterpiece after masterpiece with these flavorful ideas for e-juice blends. We suggest having your pod device handy because these yummy combos are enough to make your mouth start watering!


For folks who are only recently starting to leave cigarettes, mixing vape juice using traditional flavors creates a vaping experience that hits your taste buds just where you need it and leaves you feeling completely satisfied.

Our Jewel Mint e-juice collection provides that hit of mint that many new vapers just can’t get enough of. For a pod device with a 2ml capacity, try mixing 1ml of our classic Jewel Mint e-juice with some Jewel Mint Sapphire for a mind-blowing flavor boost, or go for a 1:1 blend of Jewel Mint and our refreshingly unsweet Jewel Mind Diamond for a “best of both worlds” menthol vape.


Whether you like your sweet and sour to be heavier on the sweet or erring towards the sour, the sour-sweet combo is a long-time favorite that you have to try at least once in your lifetime. For mixing a vape juice that will have you puckering with pleasure, start with our citrus-heavy Savage Patch and add some sweet-sour Blue Raspberry. The result will be enough to make you tingle all over!


Assorted sliced fruits

On a warm summer’s afternoon (or any time you’re feeling thirsty), there’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity vape. Sweet, juicy, and wonderfully true-to-life, our 12+ fruity e-juice flavors make mixing a fruit-ilicious vape juice an absolute cinch. Create a smooth melon texture by combining Watermelon Blast and Melon Breeze or transport yourself to a tropical destination with 1ml each of Hawaiian Pod and Peach Burst.

Super Sweet

Calling on all the sweet tooths out there — you are about to meet your match. Creating your own super-sweet DIY vape juice flavors creates a carnival in your mouth! When mixing vape juice flavors at home, get the party started with a nostalgic combo of cereal-flavored Loops and Cotton Burst. Once you’ve tried this taste sensation, you’ll never want the fun to end!


Not everyone likes a mouthful of sweet, so for all you fans of unsweet out there, we’ve created a combo just for you. Taking our icy Jewel Mint Diamond, try mixing some Jewel Tobacco vape juice for a flavor bomb that’s bold on the inhale and is so minty on the exhale it’ll send chills down your spine.

If you’re a fan of minty but do enjoy a hint of sweetness, start with our classic Jewel Mint Diamond and add a hint of any other flavor for the perfect balance. If you use a 1:1 e-juice ratio, the resulting blend will be so delicious that you might just want to vape it all day long!

Create the Best DIY Vape Juice Flavors With Pod Juice

Success with mixing vape juice starts with the smoothest and most believable flavors. And at Pod Juice, we believe that we truly have the best flavors you’ll find anywhere. Innovative recipes and extensive testing result in mouthwatering salt nic e-juice you’ll want to vape again and again.

To help you enjoy that flavorful hit as soon as possible, we’ve made the process easier with 24-hour dispatch and free U.S. shipping. Shop our handcrafted e-juice collection today and be sure to let us know which combo you like the best!