Pod Juice was founded by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to change the way consumers vape by offering the first-ever smooth salt nicotine solution. After countless tests and experiments, Pod Juice launched its revolutionary 55mg smooth salt nic line for pod systems. The goal was to help smokers quit cigarettes altogether.

The founders of Pod Juice were heavily invested in salt nicotine at the same time a close relative had tried nearly everything to quit smoking cigarettes. From nicotine patches to hypnosis, nothing availed. It was the very first blend of Pod Juice that helped our family member quit forever. To this day, we continue to fight against Big Tobacco with each and every bottle we sell. We hope to convert smokers to join our vape family and continue living a healthier and less addictive lifestyle.

Pod Juice salt nicotine is manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Pod Juice is made in a super clean, FDA-compliant, ISO laboratory using the highest quality ingredients, including our special smooth salt nicotine solution that delivers a more flavorful experience. Our special salt nicotine solution is unique because it provides the smoothest vaping experience out there without the burning harshness found in other brands. Our juice is specifically designed to fill pods in small, low-wattage pod systems such as Suorin, Juul, Aspire Breeze, Lost Vape Orion, SMOK Nord, Novo,Trinity Alpha, and many others.

Our classic Pod Juice is available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, and you can buy it in both bottled and disposable forms. Our potent 55mg salt solution is the most famous option, but we also offer 35mg and 20mg nicotine options for those who prefer a milder vapor.

We also make a special Jewel Edition lineup of premium flavors with 55mg nicotine. These are perfect for filling your preferred low-watt device with a tastier and more powerful e-juice than the stock option.

Our INSTAPOD Disposables make it easy to take your favorite Pod Juice flavors on the go. They’re available in 5% and 2.5% nicotine. Finally, a disposable that delivers the taste and strength you need to quit smoking for good.

Those who love the more extreme side of the flavor spectrum are sure to appreciate our Savage Patch line. Enjoy vibrant sweet and sour flavors that you just can’t get anywhere else. Our Savage Patch juices come in 60ml bottles, and they’re available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine.

Finally, we also carry the world’s best Devices and Hardware so you can upgrade your rig or stock up on essentials. From empty pods and replacement coils to all-inclusive starter kits, we carry everything you need to elevate your vape game.

We encourage you to take a look around our online store and place your order with confidence. Our products are also available in brick-and-mortar stores all over the globe, so be sure to give our juice a shot next time you run into it in the wild. You won’t be disappointed.

Pod Juice is now one of the most recognized salt nicotine brands globally and produces and sells well over a million bottles every year. The Pod Juice team dedicates countless hours in the lab to continue to innovate and offer the best possible product for our consumers. We’re confident that we’ve created some of the most delicious salt nicotine flavors. Try Pod Juice—we have a flavor for everyone!

This product is NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS.