PodStick: The Best Disposable Vapes on the Market

If you’re on the hunt for the best disposable vape out there, it’s time for you to meet our PodStick lineup! For over 5 years these premium, ultra-portable vapes have delivered incredible performance at a very wallet-friendly price. They look amazing, and they taste even better! Read on to see why the PodStick Plus and PodStick Max are the best nicotine vape deals around.

PodStick Plus: Portable and Discreet

The PodStick Plus is a pocket-friendly disposable that comes loaded with a 450 mAh battery that’ll keep you juiced up all day long. This device features a 2.2ml tank that delivers 600+ puffs, and it’s pre-filled with premium 5% nicotine salt juice. The PodStick Plus is the best disposable vape for those looking for something sleek and compact.

PodStick Max: Extra Power and Juice

For vapers who want a little extra oomph, the PodStick Max comes equipped with a 550 mAh battery for even more time between charges. The 3.5ml tank delivers an impressive 1,000+ puffs. This device is a great choice for heavy ex-smokers who want a bit more raw power. It’s also a solid pick for those who vape on the go and aren’t able to switch out cartridges throughout the day.

Try All of Our Mouthwatering Flavors

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It doesn’t matter if you have the best disposable vape if it isn’t filled with world-class juice! Fear not — our top-shelf nic salts are truly exceptional. Both devices have over ten unique, delicious flavors:

Orange Soda Ice: This is the best disposable vape juice for those seeking an authentic orange soda flavor that’s exploding with citrusy goodness. You can practically feel the carbonation tickling your throat!

Cola Ice: Like all of our soda flavors, Cola Ice gives that tingly carbonation sensation you can only get with Pod Juice. This is bubbly cola done right. Simple and sweet. Perfection.

Grape Soda: Just like our other soda vapes, but with that juicy purple flavor that’s so addicting. Try adding a dash of mint for a refreshing all-day vape!

Strawberry Banana: Lush, ripe strawberries blend perfectly with smooth, creamy banana. A perfect harmony of fruit and dessert flavors.

Banana Ice: Banana and mint?! It sounds strange, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. This is the best disposable vape for those willing to think outside the box. Cool mint and creamy banana are a match made in vape heaven.

Lush Ice: It doesn’t get more refreshing than this. Perfect for hot summer days, sweet watermelon is beautifully complemented by a brisk minty breeze on the exhale.

Blue Razz: Iconic blue flavor mixed with icy mint. This one is bursting with berry juiciness that tastes just like the classic blue razz candies and sports drinks you know and love.

Peach Ice: Peach Ice is the nectar of the gods! Each puff is like chomping into a juicy, ripe Georgia peach. This is another one of the best disposable vape flavors for hot summer days in the sun.

Fuji Apple Ice: Crisp and brisk, vaping Fuji Apple Ice is like taking a winter stroll through an enchanted apple orchard. Enchanting.

Melon Ice: Our Lush Ice flavor focuses on watermelon, but Melon Ice is more of a melon medley (think watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe). Soft and sweet, the melon flavor mixed with cool mint makes this one of the best nicotine vape juices for those seeking something light yet flavorful.

Up Your Vaping Game Today

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Pod Juice is handmade in LA, using only premium ingredients for bold flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. Both PodStick devices represent the best disposable vape options on the market — bar none. If you have any questions about our disposables, nic salts, or any of our products, contact us now. Upgrade your salt nic vape today, and enjoy fast and reliable shipping!