Pod Juice offers the ultimate salt nic juice solution for low-wattage devices. Our smooth and satisfying juice is always created and tested in an FDA-compliant, ISO laboratory in sunny LA. It’s free of benzoic acid and meticulously handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients for unparalleled smoothness and flavor. Experience the difference for yourself.

We’re proud to be the original nicotine salt brand. We revolutionized the industry with the first-ever 55mg smooth salt nic line for pod systems. Today, we continue to expand on our original offerings, consistently delivering the most delicious and innovative flavors in both disposable and bottled formats.

Pod Juice is committed to fighting Big Tobacco and helping smokers to quit for good. Our highly concentrated 55mg salt nicotine solutions deliver a powerful vaping experience impressively similar to smoking analog cigarettes. Smooth, satisfying, and remarkably potent, once you try our salt nic juice, you’ll never go back. Finally, a viable cigarette substitute that smokers can count on to satiate serious cravings.

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Jewel Mint (100ML Freebase tobacco-free nicotine)


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Available in a wide range of mouthwatering flavors, our classic Pod Juice line has established itself as the new industry standard. From exotic fruits and candies to classic tobacco and menthol, we have delectable flavors for all tastes. Our Savage Patch line delivers exceptionally bold and vibrant sweet and sour flavors for those with a more experienced palate.

Pod Juice isn’t just delicious—it’s unusually satisfying. While other salt nic juice products barely scratch the surface, Pod Juices give you that powerful-yet-smooth throat hit and potent nicotine content that smokers crave. Rest assured that we only use the highest quality ingredients in our juices. Handmade in LA, our salt nicotine solutions are always a cut above the rest. You’ll know it right from the first hit.

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Our Jewel Edition line is perfect for those who aren’t satisfied with the stock juices included with low-wattage pod systems and refills. We proudly offer four classic flavors: Banana Ice, Jewel Mint, Jewel Mint Lush Ice, and Jewel Tobacco. Enjoy more flavor, more nicotine, and a smoother vaping experience.

If this is your first time ordering salt nic juice from Pod Juice, our Jewel Edition line is a fantastic starting point. These are our most popular flavors, and they’re ideal for anyone who’s currently transitioning from analog cigarettes to vapor. Our Tobacco and Mint flavors provide a more traditional taste, while Mango and Fuji Nektar deliver all the fruity goodness you crave.

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If you prefer to take the disposable route, you’re going to love these amazing Pod Mesh 2500 Disposables. These sleek devices come pre-loaded with our highly praised salt nic juice flavors, giving you a simple, hassle-free way to alleviate cravings. Whether you’re just planning on vaping temporarily while you quit or you want the ultimate in vaping convenience, our disposables are sure to impress.

If you’ve been disappointed by disposables in the past, we encourage you to try the cutting-edge Pod Mesh 2500 which allows you to control your airflow and flavor. They’re superior in every way to other disposables on the market. Even if you’re an experienced vaper with a collection of devices, it never hurts to have some disposables on hand. Getting your nicotine fix has never been so easy or convenient.

Shop the world’s finest salt nic juice with absolute confidence. Providing a premier shopping experience for our customers is always our highest priority. Discerning vapers keep coming back again and again because they recognize our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, not to mention our superior products.

Want to sell Pod Juice at your retail store? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss a wholesale account so you can get lower prices for bulk orders (and some free merch too). For our passionate fans, we offer a fantastic loyalty program that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for generous discounts. Join the Pod Juice family and reap the benefits!

Beyond just offering the world’s finest salt nic juice, we’re famous for our outstanding customer service. Rest assured that our team will always go the extra mile to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your order. We depend on the Pod Juice family to spread the word, and we’ll always go above and beyond to make sure you always have something good to say.

If you have any questions for our dedicated customer service team, please don’t hesitate to email Sales@PodJuice55.com, or send us a message directly through our website. For the latest news and vape-related content, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Enjoy a better vape and kick butts for good with our premium salt nic juice.