What is Salt Nicotine (Pod Juice)?

Salt nicotine is considered as a different type of nicotine that is often compared to the more popular free-base (normal nicotine) that has been popular for the majority of the history of vaping. They are both derived from the tobacco leaf. Salt nicotine ejuice is usually anywhere between 25mg to 60mg nicotine. The reason for such high nicotine is due to the type of devices (pod systems) which are generally weaker than sub-ohm devices. Weaker voltage means you can utilize more nicotine in pod systems and conversely use low nicotine (e.g. 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg) in box mods and other powerful devices!

When Should I Use Salt Nicotine?

Honestly whenever you want! The craze behind salt nicotine started when companies like Suorin and Juul created pod systems so that people could vape anywhere and anytime. Sub-ohm box mods are great but the downside is that they can be clanky and are not great at being discreet. Remember to only use Pod Juice in pod systems like Suorin, Juul, Smok Novo, Aspire Breeze, etc. 

Why Salt Nicotine? 

Using salt nicotine has a great advantage in trying to reduce cigarette usage. Remember cigarettes are not just addictive because of nicotine, but because of thousands of other carcinogens that Big Tobacco has added in cigarettes. A high salt nicotine dosage can help prevent urges for smoking that low milligram  freebase nicotine cannot match. We recommend customers that are looking to reduce their nicotine intake to start off at a dose high enough to end those nicotine cravings and slowly decrease your nicotine intake overtime. Pod Juice has created 55mg and 35mg nicotine strengths for this reason. 

How do Salt Nics Work? 

Basically free base nicotine (regular nicotine) is not as water soluble as salt nicotine. Salt nicotine can pass between lipid barriers and straight into your blood stream, that is why you may feel a rush after a huge inhale of salt nicotine juice. Is salt nicotine addictive? Nicotine in general is an addictive substance, however many users of salt nicotine prefer nicotine over the vast amount of other chemicals and carcinogens that they are used to in cigarettes.