Higher Nicotine Concentrates

We were the first company to create 55mg salt nic solutions, and we’re still the best. If you’re not satisfied with your current juice, we encourage you to try one of our 55mg juices—the difference is incredible. Of course, we also have 35mg and 20mg nic salt solutions for those who prefer a milder vape. Pod Juice Jewel Mint, Tobacco, Mango, and Fuji Nektar are our most popular flavors, so shop with confidence.

Premium Quality

Rest assured that our vape juices are always lab tested and free of benzoic acid. Handmade right here in LA, our juices are meticulously crafted in our FDA-compliant, ISO laboratory to ensure unparalleled quality. Better ingredients mean better flavor, and our team of mad scientists works hard to deliver juices that truly stand out from the rest.

The Crown Jewels of the Vape World

Treat yourself to a better vaping experience. It’s no secret that quitting cigarettes is tough, but it’s a whole lot easier with our smooth and powerful salt nic juices. If you have any questions about Pod Juice Jewel Mint, Tobacco, Mango, or Fuji Nektar (or any of our other fine products), please email Sales@PodJuice55.com, or message us online now.

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