The Best Pure Menthol Vape Juice: Jewel Mint Sapphire Vs Jewel Mint

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If you’re a menthol smoker or vaper, you’ve probably already heard about our first pure menthol vape juice — Jewel Mint. As one of our most popular vaping juices, it’s no surprise that we decided to try to create another version that’s even better! We’ve had some feedback about our first menthol juice and our team wanted to incorporate what our customers said to create a new masterpiece. Wondering which one is best for you? Check out our comparison breakdown for Jewel Mint and Jewel Mint Sapphire.


The main difference between these two pure menthol vape juices is, at the most basic level, a flavor boost. Some customers who enjoyed our original mint flavoring want something that has a little more power, so the Sapphire formula offers an additional concentration of menthol. You may notice that the original experience is a perfectly balanced blend between mint and sweetness while the new vape juice has more of a focus on a smooth inhale and increasingly powerful mint flavor. Since Sapphire is a bit icier on the exhale, you can expect two polar bears to spontaneously regenerate instead of just the one.

With the minimalist flavoring in Jewel Mint, we recommend this original formula if you like mixing menthol with other salt juices in your device. It won’t overpower other flavors like Jewel Mango or Jewel Fuji Nektar when you want to create a refreshing twist on your fruity favorites.

Nicotine Levels

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Since both flavors are made to help smokers quit, we offer varying nicotine levels in both. Find each of these pure menthol vape juices in 55 mg, 35 mg, and 20 mg salt nicotine levels. While you’ll find all our nicotine availabilities for both juices, there is a difference in the size options. You can purchase Jewel Mint in either 30mL or 15mL bottles, but Sapphire is produced in 30mL only.

You can find Jewel Mint in INSTAPOD form, but we haven’t yet released Sapphire for disposable vaping.


vape system compatibility

Just like the original Jewel Mint salt nic juice, our newest pure menthol vape juice is also compatible with low-watt systems. We recommend using systems including Juul, Aspire, Lost Vape Orion, Breeze, and Trinity Alpha. If you’re not sure whether your system is compatible with our juices, reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to ask!


Like all of the vape juices on our site, we strive to ensure that our products maintain a certain quality standard. Whether you opt for the Jewel Mint or Jewel Mint Sapphire pure menthol vape juice, you’re getting an American-made, chemical-free, FDA compliant, lab tested formula. You won’t be at risk for cancer from pulegone, vitamin E acetate, or any other harmful chemicals with our products.

Are you ready to compare the OG menthol flavor with our newest contender? Get free shipping today when you order one of each flavor!