Pod Juice Presents: Jewel Mint Diamond

At Pod Juice, we’ve been chasing the Holy Grail of mint salt nic juice since day one. While in pursuit of the best mint vape juice flavor, we quickly realized that there was far too much minty potential to contain within one flavor profile. So, after getting great feedback from the vaping community about our original Jewel Mint juice, we knew we had to keep experimenting! Jewel Mint Sapphire added an extra boost of flavor to our classic minty-sweet original, but we were still missing a piece of the Jewel Mint puzzle: unsweet!

For those who like the flavor of mint without the sweetness, Pod Juice is proud to present the newest addition to our Jewel Mint Pod Juice Collection — our unsweet and satisfyingly minty Jewel Mint Diamond salt nic. Read on to learn about this popular new product, and decide which Jewel Mint you’d like to try next!

A Classic Flavor Without the Sweet

Just as mint-flavored tobacco has always been popular with smokers, mint-flavored juices are a crowd favorite in the vaping community. It’s no wonder then that our Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavors continue to be among our most highly rated and best-selling products! Our goal has always been to create premium juices that go above and beyond the industry standard, so when our customers asked for a bold, minty experience without the added sweetness, we got to work.

Jewel Mint Diamond

A bottle of Jewel Mint Diamond pod juice with light-turquoise graphics

Jewel Mint Diamond is the newest variety of Jewel Mint Pod Juice in our Jewel collection. We understand that not everyone likes sweetness in their salt nicotine vape, and with this new unsweet addition to our line of salt nic juices, we can truly say that we have a flavor for everyone!

Already a popular choice with our customers, Jewel Mint Diamond can be vaped alone for a minty-fresh hit without the sweet, or mix it with our Jewel Mint Classic in a 1:1 ratio for a “best of both worlds” sweetness level that’s sure to rock your world.

A Mint for Everyone

Counted among the best mint vape juice flavors on the market, our featured Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavors have been developed over countless hours of trials and testing for a mouthwatering vape that will soon have you hooked. If unsweet isn’t your thing, consider one of our other Jewel Mint flavors instead!

Jewel Mint

A bottle of Jewel Mint Sapphire pod juice with blue graphics

The sweetest and most well known of our Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavors, Jewel Mint combines a super cool frost on the inhale with a sweet cocktail of minty freshness on the exhale. Our classic original flavor has been a longtime fan-favorite and served as the inspiration for our new Jewel Mint juices! This flavor is available as a bottled e-juice that’s compatible with Juul, Novo, and other low-wattage pod devices.

Jewel Mint Sapphire

blue graphics

For the die-hard menthol lovers out there who simply can’t have too much mint, we are proud to offer our extra-minty Jewel Mint Sapphire Pod Juice. This intensely icy menthol-flavored salt nic can be used in most low-wattage vaping pods by itself or added to your regular Jewel Mint for a boost that is sure to send chills down your spine.

Discover the Pod Juice Difference

When you’re looking for the best mint vape juice online, look no further than our Jewel Mint Pod Juice collection. Handcrafted in LA from premium ingredients, our e-juices and disposables are lab-tested for contaminants and 100% free from Vitamin E acetate.

Get in touch for more info on our salt nicotine e-juices and order our Jewel Mint bundle to try all three Jewel Mint flavors at a discounted price today!