Is Vaping Killing People or THC?

In the past few weeks, there has been a large crackdown on all flavored vape juice. The media and government are banning flavored vapes for the recent illnesses and deaths occurring in the United States. However, recent research is shedding new light on the topic. 

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it suspects vaping THC—a compound in marijuana—is tied to the hundreds of lung illnesses and at least 12 deaths that have been reported across the country. In data collected from more than 500 patients, 77% reported using THC products or using both THC and nicotine. About 36% reported using only products with THC. The CDC said 16% of patients said they only vaped nicotine and not THC" (Josiah Bates, Time).

"The Utah Public Health Laboratory has tested 39 vape samples supplied by patients who have become ill. About half (51%) of the samples were collected from nicotine e-juices and about half (49%) were collected from THC cartridges. One hundred percent (100%) of the nicotine e-juices contained nicotine and none have shown unexpected compounds. Ninety percent (90%) of the THC cartridges contained Vitamin E acetate, a known cutting agent. It is still unknown whether Vitamin E acetate is the underlying cause of this outbreak" (Utah, 2019).

Most, if not all, of these hospitalized people were vaping THC cartridges with Vitamin E Acetate. It is crystal clear what is causing these illnesses and deaths; there is so much evidence pointing to the truth. This misinformation in the media has caused an unfair and unjust ban of flavored vapes that were actually helping people and saving lives. Thousands of people that quit smoking with flavored vapes may now slip back into their fatal habit of smoking all due to politicians banning flavors instead of looking at the research.