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Tangerine Ice Pod Stick 1000 Disposable (Limited Edition)

$14.95 $19.99

Tangerine Ice 1000 (1000+ Puffs)

Limited time only! Tangerine Ice a citrus masterpiece. Enjoy a sweet and tangy tangerine citrus flavor with a refreshing chill in disposable form. Less tart than a typical citrus flavor, our Tangerine Ice is a bold tangerine-orange delight that will amaze you with its authentic fruit tang. Puff Tangerine Ice with our biggest device yet!

Pod Stick 1000

PodStick 1000 is our largest sized device which allows for more airflow and battery life (1000+ Puffs!). Try our 13 amazing flavors and don't look back, this is the best XL disposable you will try! 

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