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Jewel Mint Sapphire ICED (60ml FREEBASE)



Jewel Mint Sapphire Iced

Jewel Mint Sapphire Iced freebase is a Pod Juice favorite allowing you to vape more clouds and cut down on nicotine at the same time! Due to high demand, our extremely popular Jewel Mint Sapphire is available in free base form. Many call this the icier and slightly sweeter version of Jewel Mint, we call it the Jewel Mint Boost. The inhale is a cool frost, while at its exit, the exhale develops into a slightly sweet mint fusion. This flavor is extremely popular with our menthol smokers and those who simply want that refreshing experience of every mint on Earth combined into one glorious puff.

Add a Touch of Cool Mint to Your Juices

Jewel Mint's minimalist flavoring makes it an excellent additive and mixer with other free base liquids. Add a touch of mint juice goodness to our Bangin' Blue Razz or Strawberry Kiwi for a refreshing twist on fruity flavors, or try adding some to Strawberry Watermelon juice for a more smooth menthol experience.

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