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Dessert 35mg (Loops and Dream)

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Our Dessert bundle consists of Pod Juice's top custard flavors. Loops and Strawberry Dream are original Pod Juice flavors that are perfect for those that prefer creamy and heavenly desserts over fruit flavors. Loops is a fruity cereal combined with crisp and creamy milk. Loops is definitely one of our top sold flavors and also one of the top flavors here at the Pod Juice office. Strawberry Dream is an exotic strawberry dessert that will have you begging for more. This dessert flavor is a strawberry milk sent from the heavens. Strawberry Dream is a cultivated strawberry dessert with the perfect combination of fresh succulent strawberries with the creamiest glass of milk.

In this bundle you will receive two 30ml bottles for the amazing price of $17.99

  • Loops
  • Strawberry Dream

    No substitutions can be made with this bundle deal*

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