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Cool Mint PodStick Disposable Bar

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Cool Mint PodStick is an incredible fresh spearmint that will create an avalanche of ice and frost with each and every inhale. Different than our Jewel Mint, this flavor is specifically created to hit perfectly as a disposable vape product. Our glacial cool mint is one of our best creations yet! 

PodStick disposables are hold 1.4ml ejuice and utilize only the finest 5% salt nicotine.
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seung l.
United States United States
Flavor is great

I thought I could vape 3 or 4 days with 1 stick but it lasted only 1 day. To me it is not worth to buy. I can buy juice and refil my juul pod. That is a lot cheaper for me

United States United States
Update to previous LONG review

I used it right out of the box fresh from the mailman. It lasted 2 days and now just blinks 10x when i take a puff. Nothing comes out and i am 100% sure it isn't empty. I used it sparingly those 2 days because it was strong enough to satisfy me longer. I estimate a total of maybe 50-60 puffs total. My guess is i received a device that sat awhile before my purchase so battery was depleted. Had this not happened i would stick to my original review. But because this happened i cant recommend this pod stick unless it is guaranteed new and to last longer than a day or so or they make it chargeable by micro usb port or wireless charge. Something to get full use out of it. Im so upset that I spent $7.99 on a 2 day product. This is just what happened to me and doesn't mean it will to everyone. Take this as you please. I still highly recommend the company. Just not all products.

United States United States

love these the best i have ever found

United States United States
Not that close to Juul mint

But close enough considering they discontinued mint. It satisfies those craving mint and has just enough nicotine for that satisfaction we all miss. I just received mine a few minutes ago and started using it right out of the box. The easiest device there is. I just hope it lasts battery wise but i wont know until later. It has a nice resistant draw comparable to 0.6 ohm on sourin airs and a little less resistant than Juul itself if this is what you are hunting for. It isn't resistant enough to satisfy those wanting a draw like a cigarette but it is as close as you'll get IMO with size. It is almost the exact size as Juul measuring about 2mm shorter. This info was imperative when i searched yrs ago. I searched everywhere and every review possible but people don't seem to grasp what a review is. Reviews are first and foremost about the product including usability, small details, quality etc.. That is a "review" of said product! And feedback is then added at the end of review or seperate all together. Reviews stating "nice product", or " Fast shipping" tell us nothing. That's the beauty of the internet today! So anyway back to the Podstick. The mint has a tolerable sweet taste comparable to spearmint gum at first and then it simmers a bit after you get used to it. My sister tried it and said it also has a tiny hint of black licorice and when she said that i tasted it as well but its not terrible. This also depends on if you've brushed your teeth recently and i do too much (my dentist tells me not to but i can't just do twice a day, ew) after every meal and or snack and if my mouth just doesn't feel "fresh" or if you ate something etc. If you need that after meal stick this does the trick without the stench of cigarettes. And man do cigarettes stink and stick to everything. I smell it a mile away now. Im mumbling now sorry. If they had this in their sapphire mint OMG it would be top notch perfection (I've tried all 3 but not all my reviews are posted for some reason). I love how this fits in my pocket or i can hang it around my neck using my homemade lanyards. The flavor is smooth and is continuous with a blue light indicating its working. There's no burnt taste even with continued draws back to back. It has an automatic cut off for when you draw too long to prevent burning or overheating. There's no charger needed so i hope the battery is decent and not like Juuls rechargeable ones. They are terrible IMO. Out of all 8 of my Juuls only one or two keep charge anymore so i like the idea of i one stop pop and toss in trash for 7.99 at the time of reviewing but was on sale. If it does last long enough I'll definitely buy more. Sapphire mint please! We need this option along with Diamond mint. Some of this info would be nice in the description. When i purchased there were no review and very little information. Hope I didnt forget anything. Pod juice is my go to juice. Their juice is superior to every brand ive tried out of maybe 12. Its gets pricey so take it from me when i say use Pod juice and I only tried this because my usual brand discontinued. Glad i did try it! Hope this doesn't get discontinued. Atleast for another 20-30 yrs cuz ill be gone. Haha. This Podstick is just another great reason to put cigarettes down. Along with the stench of tobacco its a no brainer. And only a few ingredients compared to many in cigarettes. PODJUICE is top notch for nic salt. My only complaint is how often they run out of stock.

Lisa D.
United States United States
Awesome Flavor

These disposables are great! Flavor is awesome. Highly recommended, especially if you were a Juul mint lover!

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