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Burst Bundle (Peach, Belts, and Mango Burst)

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$29.99 $44.99

The Burst Edition Bundle is a mix of some of our top selling fruit flavors. Enjoy Strawberry Beltz (Belts Burst), which is a tangy and exotic strawberry chew. This ejuice is luscious and has a sour to sweet fruit flavor that will make your face pucker! Mango Hi-Chu (Mango Burst) is a tropical mango soft chew. This many releases the heavenly notes of sweet to sour nectar right into your taste buds!The last of the three is our Peach Queen (Peach Burst) which is the Queen of this fruity bundle! This sweet and tangy flavor will leave your tastebuds staggering on each and every exhale!

In this bundle you will receive three 30ml bottles for the amazing price of $29.99. 

Flavors Included:

  • Strawberry Beltz (Belts Burst)
  • Mango Hi-Chu (Mango Burst)
  • Peach Queen (Peach Burst)

No substitutions can be made with this bundle deal*

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